Tree Removal & Cleanup

Cordwin Tree Service, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with a hassle-free solution to their tree removal needs. We focus on safety first and always complete our project with immaculate cleanup.

Equipped for every job

We are fully equipped to handle all jobs; large or small, restricted spaces, and after severe storms.

Professional staff

Crane, aerial lift, skid-steer, grapple/debris truck and chainsaw operators are trained, certified professionals.

Protect your property

In order to protect lawns and landscapes, we use aerial lifts and mini-skid steers on rubber tracks and deploy mats when necessary.

Stump grinding

After the tree is removed, we offer stump grinding and the removal of grindings. We can then fill the hole with soil, upon request, to facilitate re-landscaping.

Immaculate cleanup

All debris is removed and the area is raked and cleaned. If any ruts are evident, we use our compact Caterpillar roller to smooth them out.

Recycling debris

The tree debris is taken to our recycling facility to be processed and reused as mulch or for other recycling purposes.

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