Tree Care

Cordwin Tree Service, Inc., provides professional, expert, and full-service tree care to residential, commercial, and horse farm clients.


We follow the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A300 for Tree Care Operations and ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Best Management Practices in order to:

  • Manage risks and tree health
  • Develop structure
  • Provide clearance for utilities, vehicles, pedestrians and maintenance
  • Manage size or shape and improve aesthetics
  • Restore storm damaged trees

Additional Services

Root pruning to promote root health and avoid root conflicts with nearby hardscape and infrastructure.

Soil treatments to increase healthy organic soil composition and stimulate new root growth.

Soil aeration to reduce soil compaction and promote a healthy root system.

Soil analysis & fertilization to determine soil pH and nutrient levels in order to prescribe the most effective fertilizer.

Tree inventories are used to identify, evaluate and manage valuable trees.

Soil Injections

Moss Spraying

Horticulture Specialist Consultation

Lightning Protection

Debris Hauling

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Tree Care
Tree Care
Tree Care
Tree Care