Arborist Consultation

For comprehensive evaluations of the trees on your property, rely on Cordwin Tree Service, Inc. We provide professional tree evaluations and risk assessments based on six criteria:

1. Species characteristics. Hardiness, drought tolerance, life expectancy, wood density, etc.

2. Tree structure. Root collar, trunk, limb scaffold, branch attachments, included bark, etc.

3. Biological function. Foliage color and density, stem growth, bark, fruit, limb dieback, etc.

4. Visible signs of vigor, stress and/or decline.

5. Visible signs of damage, decay, disease or pests.

6. Likelihood of tree failure, risk level and the value of nearby targets.

Tree Preservation

  • Preservation, recommendations, treatments and written specifications to preserve trees for planning new developments.
  • Root flare examination to look for girdling/circling roots, root rot, and disease.
  • Diagnose trees and prescribe treatments to promote tree health.

Written Reports

  • Tree evaluation and recommendations for maintenance and/or removal for insurance companies.
  • Appraisals to determine monetary value of trees.
  • Expert witness reports for tree failure damage liability.

Quality Control for Tree Installation

  • Oversee landscape installation of required shade trees.
  • Teach landscape crews ANSI A300 and ISA Best Management Practices for tree installation.


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